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Rachel's first semester at college is coming to an end in a week. Her favorite class this semester was Public Speaking. Her professor wanted her to do a speech about why inclusion is important and include information on ABLE and why the Bear POWER program is important. Her final speech was "Inclusion Matters." With her permission, I thought I would share it with you.

"If I had been born in 1969 instead of 1999, I would not have been allowed to go to school with my friends. Before 1975, a person like me with Down syndrome did not have the right to a public education.  Today, I will tell you why Inclusion Matters.

It is important for everyone to be included because we can all learn from one another.  We learn skills like patience that will help us at work or in friendships.  I am in a video called “Just Like You-Down Syndrome.” The video explain that we may all be different, but we can all can be a part, have friends, and make a difference.  READ MORE


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